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Flower Baskets

Beginning in May, the hanging flower baskets adorning the Light Posts, Fountain at the Point, Memorial Park, and public areas along the Lake Front will adorn our Downtown area and welcome guests throughout the town. Running this program is truly a community-wide effort. Aside from the flowers and the baskets, generous donations allow us to take on the labor-intensive tasks of fertilizing the plants weekly, while testing the soil to ensure the plants' longevity and beauty into the Fall. Thanks to the generosity of the Hightstown Borough, Public Works installs the baskets and maintains the irrigation system. Together, we truly beautify Hightstown. Any contribution, no matter the amount, would be greatly appreciated. In addition to the baskets, Downtown Hightstown also uses the funds to decorate downtown during the holiday months. Your generous donation helps us enhance the quintessential look that is our Hightstown throughout the entire year. Your valuable contribution will help us continue to maintain and grow this unique Downtown Hightstown Tradition. The project is currently in its 21st year.!

flower baskets up close 2019.jpg
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