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Business Spotlight

Kula Yoga & Fitness

Located at 117 West Ward Street in Hightstown, Kula Yoga and Fitness is a boutique studio located in historic Downtown Hightstown, NJ. 


The studio takes pride in providing a judgment-free space where everyone feels welcomed and supported.  Their classes are non-traditional and unique to the studio.  They offer everything from full-body high-intensity workouts to mindful flows focused on breath and movement. Their instructors come from all different backgrounds, but they all have one goal in mind: support our students on their journey.


Kula Yoga and Fitness is more than a studio, they are a family, a community.


Come try a class, we promise you won’t regret it. The first class is always free with code FIRSTFREE!

Kula Yoga and Fitness
117 West Ward Ave
Second Floor
IG: @kulayogaandfitness

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